Greenwich Peninsula: Urban Village Fete (…and Tate Modern)

Sunday was the day of the Urban Village Fete at Greenwich Peninsula, and I made my way up to the venue with my two rolls of paper, my demo sheets, and a load of graphite sticks and black Sharpies. It was already gearing up to be a warm day, and we set up the workshop outside in the sunshine.

The main takers for the drawing were children but there were some teens and a few adults who had a go as well. It was lovely to see everyone joining in and we ended up covering 15m of paper, with 200 attendees over the 3 hour period. It was lovely to hear people’s comments on both the birdwatching logbook and my demo sheets; I’m pleased people were able to follow them!

I had chosen 6 different species to focus on, and although we ended up with quite a variable interpretation, it was brilliant to get everyone started with circles and triangles, and there were some really good drawings.

It was good fun but a lot of work, and I had a couple of hours to kill before catching my train so detoured via Tate Modern, where I’ve not been for a couple of years. London was looking spectacular in the bright sunshine with all the leaves on the trees.


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