Birdwatching Logbooks

I have developed a range of Birdwatching Logbooks using my gouache illustrations alongside some identification text to help you spot the birds of interest in your area. I have been a birdwatcher for many years and I am really keen to encourage everyone to get out there and appreciate our birds.

There are 6 in the Habitat series:

  • Town & Country Garden Birds
  • Urban Garden & Parkland Birds
  • Coast & Clifftop Birds
  • Pond & River Birds
  • Forest & Farmland Birds
  • Hill & Heathland Birds

and the new “Birds of…” series:

  • Birds of Rye Harbour
  • Birds of the Isle of Wight
  • Birds of the North West Highlands
  • Birds of Westminster
  • Birds of Arundel
  • Birds of the South Downs
  • Birds of the Seven Sisters

They are a 9 x 14cm pocketbook with rounded corners, and a sturdy cover to protect the book when you’re out and about. Each page has a little table where you can jot down the date as well as the location, weather, or other aide memoire to help you build up a bank of information about the birds you see. There are also a couple of blank pages at the back for notes and sketches, and a quick ticklist to record your progress.

The logbooks are printed here in Sussex on art-grade FSC paper with vegetable inks, and are plastic-free.

“I received my first two Logbooks (I shall eventually get the whole set) and they are every bit as good as I hoped they would be.  They look stunning and feel very good quality.  Jennifer has obviously put a tremendous amount of thought and work into them and it has paid off.  It was quite difficult to bring myself to write in them as I didn’t want to ‘spoil’ such lovely books, but I have overcome that reluctance now!  I record the birds in our garden each week, but these books are encouraging me to keep my eyes open for sightings when out and about.  Excellent little books – and ideal gifts for many occasions.” 

Pamela Moore, Town & Country Garden Birds

The books are aimed at anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of birds and hone their birdwatching skills. It’s so important to conserve this hobby and encourage others – especially youngsters – to recognise the birds around us so having a little book that you can keep in your pocket, rucksack or glove box to check off your bird sightings will increase your ability to spot them when out and about.

“It’s just what I’ve been looking for. I’m always walking up and down the North Kent coast and the only flying thing I can recognise is a pigeon! This is just the right size to keep in my pocket. It might not cover all the birds I might see but it’s a great introduction and I can get a bigger book if I really get into it.”

Brian Lawrence, Coast & Clifftop Birds

The illustrations are simplified and stylised to help you quickly learn the diagnostic features as so rarely do we have the pleasure of seeing the whole bird in great light, so the colours and arrangement of white or black on the body and wings as well as beak and leg colour are great quick visual clues as to who is lurking in the shrubbery or dashing across your field of vision.

The books are published by Wayward Bird, retailing at £5 per book (£5.99 inc free UK postage here on the website) and come with a sticker of a bird from your book. Overseas postage also available: usually about £4 for standard international shipping. Gift-wrapped in a handmade envelope also available.

They are available at independent bookshops and other outlets.

See Stockists Page for details.

Sets and discounts are available so please email me at for trade enquiries and bespoke editions or see the designated webpage.

Send me a photo of your completed logbook and I will post you off a prize. Share photos of your logbook when you’re out and about using the hashtag; #birdwatchinglogbook and I will share it on my social media and here on the blog.

Birdwatching Logbook

32 page full-colour logbook of 22 different birds. Please let me know which one(s) you would like via email once you’ve ordered. Includes postage and free stickers.


Gift-wrapped Birdwatching Logbook in Handmade Envelope

Birdwatching Logbook as above in a handmade envelope with mini stickers to fix and a larger sticker. Please let me know which logbook(s) you would like via email once you’ve ordered. Includes postage.