I am compiling a series of Birdwatching Logbooks using the gouache illustrations alongside some identification text to help you spot the birds in your area of interest.

There are 5 in the series:

  • Town & Country Garden Birds
  • Urban Garden & Parkland Birds
  • Coast & Clifftop Birds
  • Pond & River Birds
  • Forest & Farmland Birds

And in the regioinal series:

  • Birds of Ashdown Forest
  • Birds of the Isle of Wight
  • Birds of Westminster
  • Birds of Notting Hill
  • Birds of the Scottish Highlands

They are a 9 x 14cm pocketbook with rounded corners, and a sturdy cover to protect the book when you’re out and about. Each page has a little table where you can jot down the date as well as the location, weather, or other aide memoire to help you build up a bank of information about the birds you see. There are also a couple of blank pages at the back for notes and sketches, and a quick ticklist to record your progress.

The books are aimed at anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of birds and hone their birdwatching skills. It’s so important to conserve this hobby and encourage others – especially youngsters – to recognise the birds around us so having a little book that you can keep in your pocket, rucksack or glove box to check off your bird sightings will increase your ability to spot them when out and about.

The illustrations are simplified and stylised to help you quickly learn the diagnostic features as so rarely do we have the pleasure of seeing the whole bird in great light, so the colours and arrangement of white or black on the body and wings as well as beak and leg colour are great quick visual clues as to who is lurking in the shrubbery or dashing across your field of vision.

The books will be published later in the spring by Wayward Bird, retailing at £5 per book (boxed sets and discounts will be available) so please email me at jennifermooreartist@gmail.com to reserve a copy, or for trade enquiries and bespoke editions.