Selling Booklets

My birdwatching logbooks are starting to get known, and they have done well with the ‘little gift’ and stocking filler market that Christmas encompasses.

I have procured some stands, and this means the books can be displayed upright and front-on which really is necessary. Having a stand with a number of sections invites a picking up and examining, which again is important as the paper feels lovely, and they are meant to be carried and written in, so they are deliberately designed to be pleasingly tactile.

It also helps that outlets now feel confident to have a decent supply to firstly, have on display in a generous manner, and secondly to be able to top up as soon as one sells; nobody likes to buy the last one, and only having two on a stand looks a little mean.

As the books are small, having them at hand or eye level is helpful so that the title can be read easily and see the little birds at the top and bottom of the front page.

They work perfectly in a display of other nature books:

…as well as any local promotion, as seen below at The Rye Bookshop:

I have a range of stands and small display units that show the booklets to best effect, and generate sales. They are not children’s books but they are popular with grandparents and parents as little activity to do with youngsters; the illustrations are appealing to all ages.

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