Bespoke Projects and Collaborations

“Can you make me a Birdwatching Logbook?”

One of the brilliant aspects of self-publishing is being able to control the process, without the industry constraints that normally accompany a book-based project. Small print runs are achievable meaning a bespoke logbook for your particular area of interest can be an innovative way to highlight the cause.

So, how do we make this happen?

The layout of the book remains the same, so 22 birds with a double page at the centre. I have over 200 illustrations to choose from, and the copy can be tweaked and tailored for your individual project. An ISBN and barcode facilitate retail sales from supportive outlets, increasing reach and broadening the scope of your project.

Following a site visit either in person or via videoconference, we will work closely with your team to produce a logbook that retains the popular format of the existing titles but is designed specifically for your project and the birds you wish to champion. Perhaps the work has increased Curlew populations in your area of interest; the recent release of a particularly charismatic raptor; a breeding programme of a new Red List species. All these can be incorporated to provide locals and visitors with not only a resource to take with them, but understand a little more about the impact of the project itself.

Not only will you have 250 (or more) logbooks to sell, give away, raffle, utilise as you see fit, there are community enrichment opportunities such as access to artwork and copy for newsletters, blogposts, press and websites, or indeed talks, drawing workshops, a visit to your local education establishment or similar. This can boost your campaign while working with a flexible and sustainable business based here in the UK.

We have dedicated marketing and PR team who can advise on best practise and selling techniques for the booklets, and use our skills at promotional information to ensure a valuable return which will not only raise funds for your project, but do so in a wholly related and transferable way. There is space on the inside front cover to shout out important or further information about the project.

“Ok, that sounds great, but what does it cost?”

The main structure of the logbook remains the same, so with this in mind, and using existing illustrations, the basic package includes 250 logbooks plus a site visit (in person or via Zoom/Teams) in order to meet you and your team, get inspiration for the cover and other artwork, and establish a connection with your project. This is £1200.

The RRP of the logbooks is £5, meaning if you were to sell all 250 copies – which can be achieved – there would be a potential profit of £50. As your logbook is exclusive to you, selling them at a higher price of say £6 is perfectly feasible.

Copy for websites and newsletters, use of artwork and photographs, documentation of the process, logbook construction and printing, marketing support and back up are all included in the price.

More logbooks can be purchased at £2.50 each in the initial order, meaning increased revenue for your project.

Number of logbooksTotal costPotential profit (@ £5 RRP)

Additional workshops and talks are charged at a standard day rate starting at £200 plus travel.


Your team has recently secured land for a rewilding project, and fundraising to maintain the initiative include eco-tourism and a small visitor centre in a disused farm building. Local residents are interested, and the primary school has been to visit the proposed site. Ecologists have scoped the area and discovered great potential for certain newsworthy species. Birds are one of the most accessible wildlife groups for non-specialists, and a logbook would reference species that the general public will see not only on the site but also in their own gardens, thus establishing the rewilding as a reality to the area rather than a lofty ideal.

The logbooks will be delivered to the site ahead of the launch for Press and other invested parties to get a first look. The launch is the chance to celebrate the culmination of the work done at the project.

Initial visit:

  • meet the team
  • walk the area
  • do sketches
  • take notes and photos

Follow up:

  • discuss timeline
  • create list of birds
  • create artwork for cover and inner pages
  • document process for sharing
  • discuss launch

First Draft:

  • approval of bird list and artwork
  • PDF of logbook sent to stakeholders for checking
  • organise dates and times for launch and additional activities
  • create list of invitees for launch
  • decide on dates and format for extra workshops and talks

Final Draft:

  • sign off for printers [agree quantities and delivery details]
  • copies to Press and stakeholders


  • chance to invite locals, journalists, local people of note, those involved with the relevant species or conservation aim

Follow up

  • workshop for residents
  • talk to primary school
  • sales at local stores, pub, visitor centre, website
  • continued coverage as project grows and logbooks are filled
  • repeat print runs if required at same £2.50 per logbook terms

In Summary

Our attention to detail and adaptability means we can adjust the logbook to best promote your project and provide a meaningful contribution to the work being done in a unique and constructive way. The logbooks are accessible for all, so helps people become familiarised with the project and able to support and be part of the solution.


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