Responsible Business

All business have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a way which minimises the impact our products and services have on the wider world. Even for a micro business such as Wayward Bird.


I design the logbooks using the Adobe suite of design software. The statements for Adobe are available here:


The logbooks are printed by Newman Thomson, based in Burgess Hill.

They courier the boxes to me with DPD, which have a robust environmental and sustainability policy, as seen here.


One of the benefits of the pandemic has been our obligatory acceptance of the world of video conferencing. This has notably saved vast amounts of travelling, but has also opened up opportunities for working with organisations that otherwise would not be cost-effective due to distance. Of course, site visits and meeting face to face is necessary – and desirable – but I adopt the view that one effective and thorough visit can be supplemented with calls thus making it more convenient and far less impactful from an emissions point of view.

I use all recycled and repurposed packaging for shipping, and I reuse bubble wrap and plastic wrapping as the books themselves are plastic free, so need protection from water during transit. I use 2nd Class Royal Mail which usually has the lowest emissions rating for their service.

My iMac is refurbished, and my energy tariff for my home office is entirely renewable.

I will be adding to this page as my business grows. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.