Wayward Bird

Jennifer Moore

I am an author and illustrator living in rural East Sussex, UK. I have published 13 titles in the Birdwatching Logbooks Series.

Wayward Bird might seem like an odd name for a business, but there is a significance. The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word as follows:




not behaving or moving as expected

This notion of going against the flow is appropriate, as I self-publish and operate in a space not occupied by other birdwatching resources. The logbooks provide an introduction or a quick guide, designed to engage and capture interest at first glance. They are accurate but not nerdy; pocket-sized but robust with rounded corners and art-grade paper; as an artist myself the material had to stand up to ink and paint. The illustrations capture not only how the bird looks, but also how is seen: its stance, or posture in the field.

The logbooks are a labour of love and I am delighted that they have been so well-received. As you can see, I do have history regarding creating a bird book…