My first woodcut

I have enjoyed the Linocuts, although my results with the actual prints have been rather variable. I really love using resources from photographers whose work I enjoy as it's so much nicer than simply searching an image. It's also brilliant to be able to follow other bird species that normally I wouldn't get to appreciate. … Continue reading My first woodcut


I don't get a great variety not birds in my garden - just the usual suspects of robins, blue tits, dunnocks, wood pigeons and occasionally sparrows. I also have blackbirds, and I watched a female gathering nest material and a male gathering worms, and noticed with some dismay that they seemed to be building a … Continue reading Blackbirds


I saw a nice little poster recently in a pack from Friends of the Earth about bee-friendly activities. I am a beekeeper myself and love all sorts of insects so decided to paint some of the bees I see during the summer here in the Sussex countryside. The first is a Red-tailed bumblebee, Bombus lapidarius: … Continue reading Bees

Tawny Owl

About a month ago, I was driving my son to the station along a fast, straight stretch near me, sadly notorious for road casualties. Lying in the lay-by opposite the junction was a brown pile of feathers, and I suspected it was a juvenile buzzard as we have so many around here. On closer inspection, … Continue reading Tawny Owl


I have always had a soft spot for these insects (along with all the other insects for which I have a soft spot...) and a couple of people have suggested I try painting one, as dragonflies are quite graphic with clearly delineated markings. Having seen photos of broad-bodied chasers proliferating on Instagram, I decided to … Continue reading Dragonflies