Pylon Raven Update

The leaves are on the trees now and I’ve not been able to get a good view of the Ravens, but I have heard them calling, and seen activity on the nest. The angle isn’t conducive even with binoculars but yesterday I heard a lone call and wondered if it was most likely a youngster yelling for food?

I’ve magnified the nest; these are just iPhone photos.

I wonder if the pair only raised one chick, or whether any others have fledged already.

A couple of weeks ago we had two juvenile Blackbirds with their parents in the garden, so they must have started early. The weather is really changeable and still relatively chilly at times although in the sunshine there is proper warmth and the leaves are wonderfully lush and green with the regular rainfall. There was a swarm of bees yesterday which spent the night in a tree in our neighbour’s hedge, and this morning there was a loud buzz and the sky was full of bees as they all left in the direction of the mature trees behind the village.

I must confess I love cool and overcast weather and don’t especially enjoy the heat and bright sunshine, although I realise that is an almost heinous thing to say!

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