A Regal Wren

I wanted to do something to celebrate the coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla, and I decided to do a bird wearing a crown. A bit kitsch I know but it seemed a good idea. I wondered what bird to paint and settled on a Wren as I thought they are quintessentially British, and being brown would make a good foil for the crown. I chose the gold St Edward’s Crown rather than the Imperial State Crown as the inspiration just because I don’t have any silver but I do have yellow!

I grabbed a Wren shot off instagram and did a couple of sketches to test it out before getting on with the final drawing in my Fabriano sketchbook.

[As an aside, I have started a Patreon about Sketchbooking, and there will be a video going over this particular artwork should you be interested.]

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