A new Kestrel, and a Water Rail

I am popping up to Greenwich Peninsula tomorrow for a meeting with Jemima at the NOW Gallery to discuss the upcoming launch of the logbook. I wanted to do a new Kestrel as he appears in a few titles and I wanted to mix it up of this one, and a Water Rail is unique to this logbook.

I am also about to get a set of ten A4 photos that I can use for workshops when there aren’t any birds around. I found them on Etsy and the photographer is kindly preparing some birds which aren’t on his site as I thought they would make good subjects for a workshop. I will report back when he sends them down to me.

I took receipt of 1200 new logbooks today so that should keep me going with Isle of Wight, Rye Harbour and Coast & Cliff for a little while, but I am in the process of stocking them at Daylesford Organic, and Suffolk Wildlife Trust are considering them for their shops too.

Here are my paintings from today. I have scanned them in but they aren’t ready to go in the logbook yet as I need to Photoshop them to make sure they are standardised with the other images.

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