Planning the Birds of Greenwich Peninsula

I visited the NOW Gallery yesterday (after a quick whizz to Borough Market for a coffee and a browse) to discuss the launch and promotion of the logbook. Such a glorious winter’s day!

We discussed the date of the launch – now 6-8pm on Thursday 13th April: do come along! – and the possibility of having enlarged pages from the book covering the hoardings surrounding the development, with a QR code for easy purchasing. Local performance artist Lou Doyle will be joining me at the launch with a bird-related theme. All profits are going to the Ecology Park so it’s a really great initiative, and it will be amazing to see my artwork being used to promote such a good cause. I need to redo the front cover slightly, and incorporate a map on to one of the inner pages, but I have found a good representation which is not too O2-Arena-heavy (always a problem with the Peninsula) and illustrates the Design District really nicely with its individual architecture for the eight buildings that make up the area.

I will be running three workshops: a drop-in at the Urban Village Fete in May; an art session for a local sixth form; and a Residents’ Workshop in June at the Ecology Park.

I am hoping to get the books signed off this week, then we can order them so they are ready for the launch, and can be sent out to the press and other interested parties, although they won’t be for sale to the general public until the day of the launch.


  1. How exciting! I look forward hugely to following the developments and seeing the new logbook. All very interesting and encouraging to have this focus. Wishing the project great success.

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