Multi-Generational Linocut Tag Workshop

My linocut tag efforts coincided with my daughter coming to stay for her weekly overnight visit, and both she and my mum wanted to have a go at carving. 

We went over the various options regarding design, and both wanted to do something seasonal so we kept with a wintery scene. Rose chose a snowman and trees, and Mum added some rabbits to hers. I got out my Pfeil tools and my little starter kit and set them off.

Then the exciting bit – inking up the plate and making some prints:

Aren’t they great? I did a few of my tags too, but both Mum and Rose did so well for a first time, and said how relaxing and absorbing it was. I need to get some more lino as this was quite dry (I’ve had in a few years) and the plastic ones might be more user-friendly. I love lino for its naive quality – well whenever I use it anyway! – and I think they are really cheerful and characterful. Here are the end results:

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