Cornell Lab Webcam

One of my favourite webcams is the Cornell Lab‘s FeederWatch Cam at Sapsucker Woods, and although the birds are obviously different species to those we have here in the UK, the body patterns are similar (a finch is a finch; a dove is a dove etc) and in any case, it is just good practise to draw birds of any shape and size. Last night there were Blue Jays:

It was quite late by the time I got round to sitting down and putting the computer on, but the advantage is the time difference between Sussex and Ithaca, NY makes that perfect!

I decided to go with my blue-inked fountain pen. The jays have a wonderful range of quirky, inquisitive positions.

We don’t have any blue birds here, apart from Blue Tits, so these look wonderfully exotic. I want to find a Red Cardinal colour to use as all my pens and pencils are rather muted, earthy colours. I do still have some red ink so perhaps I will refill one of my pens with that…

Watch this space.

Yesterday’s Drawing Robins workshop at Wilderness Wood went really well, and quite a few children (and 1 adult!) were happy to have a go. There were some great drawings – especially as few of them did much by way of art, and 4 year-old Sylvie drew me a unicorn s she preferred them to Robins.

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