A Visiting Red Kite

I have seen Red Kites a number of times around here, but mainly over the South Downs; I remember pulling over in to a lay-by on the A27 so I could watch a pair enjoying the air currents as I was driving back from Lewes. Like with the Peregrines, I see them too infrequently here to feel they are living locally, but I do glimpse a forked tail and long wings occasionally. They have such a different flying habit to the Buzzards who are definitely resident as they nest in the copse, and their teenage offspring sit on the telegraph poles yelling for food every autumn.

The most recent sighting was wonderful as it flew just above the treetops maybe 25-30 metres from me so I was able to enjoy it in full sight, before deploying binoculars for a closer look. Here is my Nature Notebook entry:

I am using my Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook for my nature notebook. You can get 10% off your first Jackson’s Art Supplies order by using this link.


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