Introducing the Birds of the Isle of Wight Birdwatching Logbook

This is a bit of an indulgence, but I am taking full advantage of my self-publishing power.

We used to holiday on the Isle of Wight (Izzle of Wizzle as my children call it) with my parents, and 3 years ago they helpfully moved there so we now have a great excuse to visit the Island. I was born in Worthing, and have lived in Dorset and East Sussex, and the Isle of Wight is like a beautiful mélange of the south coast counties, plus you get to go on a boat or – so exciting – hovercraft to get there.

It is also a great spot for birdwatching, as it has a variety of habitats for a small area, with cliffs, beaches, heathland, downland, farmland, pasture, coniferous and deciduous woodland and residential areas. As with Rye Harbour, I wanted to try a local logbook where people would enjoy using them for their visit, or residents might like to keep one handy for when out and about.

The Birds of Rye Harbour logbook is proving popular at the Wildlife Trust’s Discovery Centre, and it will be great to see these books encouraging some gentle observation and appreciation of the Isle of Wight’s fabulous birdlife once they are out there in cafes, shops, and places of interest.


Birds of the Isle of Wight birdwatching logbook

Includes UK postage



  1. Love the idea of your log books for particular areas. Great fun and appealing to browsing shoppers, I would guess. And, as you suggest, a great way to take advantage of the flexibility of self-publishing. Good luck!

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  2. Looking forward to the ‘Birds of the Isle of Wight’ logbook.- so many different habitats in a small contained area. Also the chance of sighting a white tailed sea eagle! The logbook will be great for visitors and residents alike. I wish it well and am sure it will encourage people to keep a lookout for the Island’s rich bird life.

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