Introducing the Birds of Rye Harbour Birdwatching Logbook

This is a little different from the habitat logbooks, in that I have designed it to be primarily aimed at the day-tripper or staycationer who wants to add some value to their visit, and bond with the birdlife in this part of Sussex. Of course, regulars can enjoy it too, as there are the tables and ticklist to fill in, and a few birds that will take a bit of spotting to add a challenge even to a seasoned birder. The beauty of filling in the table is that we really get to understand the birds’ lifestyle and this in turn helps us identify them more easily – and it is adds a bit more than just a tick or a sighting. Do they stay in one type of area, or range more widely? Out in the open, or skulking in the hedgerows? On water or land? Singing or feeding? These all go in to what birdwatchers call the ‘jizz’, and form an important part of identification.

Birds of Rye Harbour

I’ve chosen a couple of confusables (blackbird and starling), and there are waterfowl, waders, passerines and a raptor. They are on sale at the Discovery Centre and Avocet Gallery & Café priced at £5.


Birds of Rye Harbour birdwatching logbook

Includes UK postage


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