American Robin

I stayed in Airbnbs while I was visiting Chicago, and used to walk up past the other houses to reach my bus stop or train station. The houses – bungalows – were set back from the road with a strip of lawn between the pavement and the tarmac, and I would often see American robins hopping around in these front gardens.

They behave more like our blackbirds than robins, and are about the same size as a redwing. Although they are less hefty than a fieldfare, they are a similar shape, and undeniably a thrush. With dark upper parts, bright russet-red breast, and white on the throat, I found them to be an extremely handsome bird.

Of course I wanted to paint one. Here it is:


Handpainted in gouache on 29cm square Somerset paper. £50 wrapped and mounted, plus p&p



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