A New Bird

I’ve had the draft of Birds of Greenwich Peninsula back, and only one bird-change: I need to swap Swift for Reed Warbler, requiring a hasty bit of painting. Thankfully, warblers are all quite straightforward, and this one was no exception.

I’m just waiting to hear back about the final draft, and also about the stickers. I’m not sure if they are being sold or given away, but I think if it’s the former, I should err on the side of doing just the most popular species, as much as I want to champion the ‘little brown jobs’ I have to admit they are probably not going to be particularly impactful from an aesthetic viewpoint!

Something else I put on my Instagram recently was this little reel – shared to YouTube as a short:

Being self-employed, and an artist, staying grounded to how far one has come can be tricky to maintain, and this reminded me of my journey so far.


  1. Enjoyed seeing your new bird! Also the clip of your story (so far). Very best wishes for the Greenwich Peninsula project. May it take off and fly.

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