New Artwork for BoGP

I wanted to share the map I painted for a possible front cover/definite page 2 of Birds of Greenwich Peninsula. I was struggling to find something inspiring, then I spotted an Instagram post on The Peninsulist’s feed, from GRID London a design studio working with NOW Gallery and The Peninsulist. I thought: ooh, that’s something I can work with.

I then thought I should perhaps try a double page type spread, but needless to say, as soon as I started to do it ‘properly’ it lost all the energy and spontaneity so I’m sticking with this one. I can’t unsee the two white Bonios that are meant to be the cable car towers but oh well…

I have patched it on to page 2, as we discussed at the meeting, and have tried it on the front cover. The back looks good with the Antony Gormley so the cover won’t be wraparound like the other titles but I don’t think that matters. I am waiting to have confirmation but there is a good balance if we have the map on the front and page 2; the cable car on page 4; the double page spread as the original river scene and the back cover as Quantum Cloud.

Here are some screenshots:

You’ll have noticed I have uploaded the Water Rail and there’s the new incarnation of the Kestrel. I am going to do another Starling, and a Goldfinch but I think that’s it for paintings now.

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