Postcard love

I may have had rather a lot of fun my Moo order. I want to use these a) to sell and b) as promotional material and c) as business cards and I think they look really nice. They showcase the other titles, and I have always liked postcards and have a huge collection from various artists and exhibitions. I also went a bit wild after a life-changing trip to Chicago and got a whole load of photos made in to postcards…quite what I thought I was going to do with them I’ll never know but they are wonderful memories, and in these days of everything being digital, postcards are a great alternative to printed photos ending up still not being seen as they are archived and put in albums whereas postcards are intriguing and interesting. I have had a few packages from eBay and Etsy where a vintage or preloved postcard has been used as a thank you note and I love such found items.

Here are my birdwatching logbook ones, one for each title:

These have a matte finish and I did toy with the idea of putting the birds’ names on them but I don’t want them to be an alternative to the books, more a introduction to my other work.

They are available to buy at £1.25 each. Please email me at to purchase.

If you would like a discount code to order your own postcards, please click this link.

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