New Stickers!

Ohh I love these so much. I still remember my “WOW” when I got my first ever set of stickers back from Moo as my friend had pointed out how great gouache was for digital printing, and I was so so sooo thrilled with how perfectly miniaturised the paintings came out. It’s even easier this time as I have rescanned and standardised all my images in Photoshop for the Logbooks, so it was a simple – if a rather lengthy process – to upload them. I now have well over 100 paintings so each of the small stickers are different, and I have two separate sets of larger stickers, so 90 birds in the smaller size, and 104 in the large.

I use the smaller ones for popping on an envelope as I mainly use Click & Drop which, while very convenient, loses the charm of a proper stamp. These little stickers (about the size of a pound coin) are perfect to put on the corner to cheer up the letter.

The larger ones are a little bigger than a £2 coin, and look fab on notebooks, laptops, journals, storage boxes, canisters, and…well…where else would you put them? My falconer friend Brandi in Wisconsin has an Oystercatcher sticker on her hawk box! They are available when purchasing a book from this site.

If you’d like 25% off your first order with Moo, then you can use this discount link. I am expecting the rest of the delivery from Moo tomorrow – brand new items and I am extremely excited to see them!

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