I am very pleased with this one. I love the heathery palette and the mix of birds, and I am really hoping that it will bring another dimension to walking, hiking, fishing and stalking for those lucky enough to visit this beautiful part of Great Britain.

There is a typo on one of the other pages: arghghghghhghghghghhghghhhh. I don’t mind quite so much if it’s a layout one (the magpie is missing from the index of T&CGB in the first print run), or in the Latin name (that’s Dendrocopos major for the great spotted woodpecker actually) but blatant misspellings are frankly rather tragic. My grandfather who was a prolific knitter – having learnt while recovering from TB – used to say the slipped stitches were good luck, so I hereby pronounce that preventing bad luck is the point of typos…who’s with me?? Maybe I’ll do a prize for everyone who messages me about it.

I am very pleased to say that these little books are now being sold in Strathpeffer, Dingwall, and Ullapool, with a few more planned once I can get Gardners onside. I am still waiting to feel suitably galvanised to write about that…as well as hopefully reporting a conclusion/happy ending. I am taking some time ‘off’ as a staycation this week, although we are off to London on Wednesday so I will be taking my Birds of Westminster with me. I really want to do some other drawing and art things, so I have a linocut on the go, and am determined to master drawing my new ducks if they stop being so skittish and running away every time I go near them!

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