Book series

I am so thrilled with the first two little logbooks, and the feedback has been excellent. Schools seem interested, with one wanting to use my books as a prize in an Art & Design competition which is incredibly flattering. The overriding comment is that they’re “cute”, quickly qualified as that not being a patronising or derogatory comment. I love love love the chalky, slightly 1960’s railway poster look of the printed paint; as I’ve said many times before, gouache reproduces really well, and the paper is smooth and silky so the books feel really nice which is something I was really worried about. The rounded corners make a real difference in my view, and the squared-off spine adds a thought-through finishing touch that I am pleased with.

Now that I am confident about the layout and print quality, I am itching to get the others ready for printing. I am working on 4 at the moment, and trying to adopt a slightly strategic approach (not like me at all…) so that I get things done efficiently. I am having paint sessions, so I can work on them in turn as bits dry and I keep my paints fairly consistent. I am a terrible one for mixing a paint and then altering it meaning I can’t go back and touch in areas that aren’t as well covered! Today I am doing a stork, an egret and a grebe so all on blue paper. I have finished the birds for Urban and Farm, and have completed the cps for both. I say cps, but it is actually a double page spread as it’s the pages before the centre, but the staples look ugly so I am pleased I made that er, deliberate mistake.

I’ve also got Notting Hill on the go, but I need to do the other 4 in that series too, so plenty to be getting on with. I think shops will be wanting the boxed sets and I am working out the best way to do that. I am wondering if rather than a box as such I go for a wrapper. The books came to me bound in groups of 5 with a paper ring which I think looks quite nice, and they are about the same width as a paperback so would look good on a shelf.

If you have bought a logbook and would be happy to write a review for my website, do please email me at and I can pop it on the site.


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