New Project

I taught myself to paint with gouache when my son gave me a Windsor & Newton starter set for my birthday in 2017. I was kindly given a large roll of paper offcuts when I visited Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch, and because it was the cut end of their screen printing paper 29cm wide, I divided it up in to squares, hence why all my art is square, and why I keep offcuts: you never know where they may lead.

I have painted nearly 100 birds and sold a number of them, but I had a revelation when I made stickers and mini cards through Moo, the print company. Gouache reprints beautifully, but I didn’t want to just make prints from my paintings; I like championing the less well known birds, and I love to teach and educate so always feel pretty pleased when someone says they recognised a bird because of my paintings.

The logical conclusion is to do a book of some description and I have finally decided on the type I want to do. Drawings and photos are great for field guides, but I don’t really want to add to the wealth of general identification resources out there, but I do love a ticklist. I would really like to do a sticker book for children at some point but that is quite a complicated [expensive] thing to organise, so I am starting with the basics.


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