Ringed Plover

I have painted two Ringed plovers but my first attempt got smudged (always a hazard with me…) so although it has been cleaned up in a scan so useable for digital items such as stickers and mini cards, the original original is stuck in my drawer waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I am considering taking all my failed/botched/wonky gouaches and doing something with them but I need to be in a suitably creative mindset for that and just at the moment I’m feeling rather swamped by events around me so it will have to wait for the circumstantial mists to clear a little.

I painted another plover as I really like the simplicity of their plumage with the ochre, black, and the orange beak and legs. Ringed plovers feign injury if their nest is approached by a predator to draw attention away from the eggs or chicks, and that concept has always fascinated me.

There is a lot of white on a Ringed plover, so the photo I chose needed to have the bird positioned in such a way as to allow a leg to define the white belly:

If you would like to buy the Ringed plover, it is available for £150 unframed or £175 framed. Please see my “Buy” page for payment details and international shipping.

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