Revisiting paintings

Two years ago, when I first exhibited at Ink, Paper + Print, a lovely couple from Eastbourne bought four of my paintings, to go on the wall up their stairs. I said I would love to see them framed as I never get to see them once they’ve gone to their new homes!

Last week I had a set from Stephen and Gill, asking if I’d like to come and see the recently framed and newly hung paintings in their house, so of course I said yes.

It’s so important to see one’s work actually in situ; I get so used to seeing the paintings and images on my laptop or in the studio they naturally become familiar and loose their impact. And of course, paintings are meant to be on a wall, not stacked in a browser, and [good!] framing makes such a difference to a piece of art.

Apologies for the reflections on the photos – always difficult to get a decent picture from a phone in these circumstances!

It’s like revisiting old friends to see the paintings, and the framing and situation is perfect. They look so good in a set, although the magpie was always a favourite of mine.

I will be exhibiting again at Ink, Paper + Print this year so do drop by if you’re local to the area.

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