A Few Days Off

It is the Easter holidays here in England, so I have no teaching this week. I have my Eastbourne Artists Open Houses commitments coming up this weekend on Good Friday and Saturday, but the weather is currently sunny and bright, and because my financial year ends on March 31st, this is an opportunity for a little regroup and rethink.

I want to improve my sketchbook practice and have a chance to play around and experiment. I have been watching an illustrator on YouTube and I love her colourful drawings; it’s also inspired me to investigate Adobe Illustrator more deeply.

I am running a few workshops soon so need to keep up my bird sketching. I really like Live Birds Poland as there are similar birds to here in the UK, just more abundant and there is the odd roe deer, red squirrel or wild boar to ring the changes.

So with this in mind, I have been playing around with Illustrator, drawing from webcams, and sketching faces as I watch films.

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