Drawing at Langney Marsh

I visited Langney Marsh on the outskirts of Eastbourne yesterday to meet a friend and walk my dog, and the weather was glorious. Once again I had my Clairefontaine sketchbook but put a few more Tombow pens in to my bag, and I even remembered my binoculars – a rarity.

We met a group of twitchers who were waiting to spot the Penduline Tits that have been hanging out in the reedbeds there for the last few days. I saw a Wren and heard a Reed Bunting, and there were corvids and Starlings in abundance, clearing up behind the sheep that graze the Marsh. A Little Egret and a Grey Heron flew off elegantly as we approached, and Wigeons were whistling in the background from the lake.

The light was beautiful but starting to fade when I got round to sketching. Ned waited patiently despite the temptation of water and ducks which must have been quite tough as a Labrador! I scribbled a few dozing ducks: Tufted, and Pochard with their handsome colouring; a Great Crested Grebe in winter garb; and watched the Canada Geese take over from the Mallards with their territorial squabble by the water’s edge. The Tombow pens were brilliant as they are blendable, giving a lovely effect. A few Stonechats were flitting across the tops of the scrub, looking magnificent with the low sunlight across their coppery breast feathers. I took both the Pond & River Birds and Coast & Clifftop logbooks with me so was able to fill in a few more entries.

I added a bit more detail and listed the birds I’d seen once I got home.

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