New Projects

I went up to London yesterday as I was running the life drawing class, and I collected my paper order from Shepherds, ogling all the beautiful and fascinating paper products they stock before resisting temptation and fetching my roll of wrapping papers. I did treat myself to a bookbinding poster which gives instructions on how to make a book, and then cleverly folds in to a book itself. More on that later. London was hot and fumey and I am simply not used to that volume of people so it was slightly odd; last time I went was back in the spring where there was still a lot of wfh and things hadn’t really picked up post Covid. It all looked rather parched outside the sprinklered parks, as does everywhere around here!

Meanwhile, back to my paper purchases. I bought some white Khadi paper from Cass Art, and wrapping paper so I can make some envelopes. I am rejigging my scrapbooking packs and I want to use handmade envelopes as containers for the bits and pieces. I have a few patterned papers and I also got some great Inclusions paper: grass, flowers, elephant poo (yes really) as well as metal flecks so I think they will be really fun.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

My other project is a new logbook, and I am just putting that together now. It’s a bit of a different format than before so I will share that with you when I have moved it a little further along. If I don’t get completely sidetracked by bookbinding in the meantime….

I must say it was lovely to be back in Sussex, and having met a friend for lunch, I took Ned for a walk along the foot of the Downs. Shimmering heat with an eerie stillness and quiet:

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