Gulls and Egrets

I have been catching up with some illustrations, and I have repainted the Little Egret I drew on to white paper as when I tried to Photoshop it, I couldn’t see the pencil lines on the scan! So, I have used my grey Khaki paper which I am hoping will work a little better. I perhaps should have tried it on one before painting a load, but that’s simply not my way of doing things so I will report back…

I have painted a couple of Black-headed Gulls, and Little Egrets. I also did a Dipper, a Great Crested Grebe and a Great Spotted Woodpecker. I am using some new paints: Horadam by Schminke which are delightful, although I am looking forward to getting some more smooth paper as I don’t like the cold press texture so much, even though it is a little more forgiving. I’m in London on Thursday so am collecting a big bundle of decorative paper from Shepherds near Victoria for making more envelopes, and I have bought some Arches Aquarelle for my artwork.

I love how the paint works so crisply with the Khaki paper.

Ed: the grey Khaki paper does work for the blue backgrounds!


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