Yarmouth is one of our favourite places to visit for birds, and it was the most glorious day. The weather has been perfect for this visit, and we saw a few new birds to tick off in the logbook. A Great Crested Grebe was in front of us, looking streamlined in its non-breeding plumage. Further along, we saw a cormorant sitting with some gulls on a rocky outcrop. Three or four Little Egrets were probing in the grasses on the edge of the water, and a large wader (possibly a Godwit? It was too big for a ‘shank’) sat unhelpfully concealing all identifying features apart from the long beak.

There is a beautiful mill, and a lovely walk around the edge of the estuary.

After tea at Chessell pottery, we visited Brook Bay as the tide was out. I love it there – I studied a Geology degree with the OU a few years ago and I loved all the rocks and fossils. There were a few rockpools too…bliss. I love patterns too; the ripples and channels in the sand.

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