Sketchbooking Progress

I have thoroughly embraced sketchbooking and I am loving it! I want to put together a video of the pages as it’s nice to be able to talk about them but suffice to say, having never quite got the measure of regular sketching, I seem to have found my mojo with it and now can’t seem to stop.

These are the advantages are:

  • I can make mistakes
  • I can use up leftover paint (you always have to mix enough gouache)
  • I can practise techniques I am not very good at
  • I can try different media
  • I can make practise sketches of things I might want to explore further at a later date
  • I can get proportions wrong
  • I can go off the page
  • I can try compositions
  • I can draw things that are nothing to do with birds
  • It’s a visual record of a particular time, event, film, or journey

It’s my birthday coming up and I am hoping that my request for a new sketchbook will have been acknowledged, in which case I feel the need to finish my current one before I start that one. Quite a challenge but I’ll give it a go.

Meanwhile I have been doing some other art: fiddling with Illustrator, and more gouache.

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