Roe Deer Nature Notebook

I was out with the dogs this morning when I spotted something lurking in the undergrowth: three roe deer were making their way along the scrubby edge of the path. They are so well camouflaged but their pale bottoms gave them away, and I watched as they made their way in to the field and watched me as I watched them, flanked by the dogs. A Song Thrush was singing in the branches above me, and was a lot easier to spot than the deer!

It’s been a long time since I picked up my Nature Notebook – getting on for a year – but I want to pick up the habit again now I have more time. The books on lettering I got for Christmas have reminded me how much I love journalling and scrapbooking so I will endeavour to make more space for that kind of art.

I used pencil, Graphitint and sepia fineliner for these, embellished with a cigarette card and some washi tape. I cut the letters from a copy of The Peninsulist which is marvellous for harvesting letters as it is A3 and exquisitely designed.


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