House Sparrows

Today I took a trip to my local farm shop, where there is a healthy population of House Sparrows. They must love all the farm buildings, and it’s one of the best places I know to see these little birds, as they are sadly declining in most places.

It was very cold! I sat outside and enjoyed a coffee while I quickly sketched some of the sparrows hopping among the Christmas trees in my as yet un-drawn in (?) Stillman & Birn mixed media grey sketchbook, with my Graphitint pencils as before. My dog was very pleased to visit as they give out complimentary treats to canine companions!

I did a few more sketches when I got back, from My Birding Year again, as it was too tricky to get much of a look at the sparrows at the farm. The lighting is a terrible so the paper looks brown, but it’s the same sketchbook, promise!

I’ve not sketched sparrows before so I’m pleased with these as I think I captured their movement and demeanour quite well, which is good as their markings are quite variable! I love the grey paper, and have another trip planned tomorrow so I think I will take this sketchpad out again.

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