Bee-eaters in Norfolk

You may have heard that the Bee-eaters at Trimingham in Norfolk have successfully raised a brood, with the new chicks fledging this past week. Exciting of course, but also a little worrying, as these birds normally breed in far hotter climates showing how nature is telling us that the world is changing.

I have a glorious photo by Israel on Instagram in my saved images, and thought now would be a good time to finally get round to painting it. I am not very happy with the paper I bought – it’s too lightweight and doesn’t take the paint terribly well, but the smoothness is great. I am going to try some 300gsm from Jackson’s Art Supplies but for now I will carry on with the Arches Aquarelle I bought from Shepherds and the horrible Cotman stuff I want to use up. I don’t mind so much when it’s for illustrations as they aren’t going anywhere after they’ve been scanned in.

Here is the bee-eater:

I am hoping to get a few more Christmas birds done this week, so will post those on Monday.


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