Blackbird Nature Notebook

We went for a trip to our local biodynamic farm shops here in Sussex and a walk on Ashdown Forest, which is one of our favourite ways to spend the afternoon, and there were a number of Blackbirds both on the heathland as well as at the farms. The winter light was so cool and flat the birds looked a matte jet black, and I realised the gouache would be perfect for the flat colour.

I made some little sketches in the notebook I keep in my bag so I had a reference for the notebook entry; there were some Collared Doves on the telegraph poles too, can you work out which ones they are? I used a picture in a field guide for a reference and then added some of the sketches to the page too.

I will be posting about some prompts and ideas later on next week.

In the meantime, have a super New Year and a happy and healthy 2022. Many thanks for your likes and comments and follows and purchases – it is wonderful to have your support.

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