Silver Birds

Do you hang your own artwork on your walls? It never occurred to me to do so but I had a bunch of frames and a friend suggested I could use my wall as a personal gallery of my work, so, that I did. I sell paintings both framed and as they are so I always have some in stock, even though I keep forgetting where I got them so they are all slightly different!

It’s fun because I can alter the paintings depending on the season, so at the moment I have lots of browns and ochres with some winter visitors and more commonly-seen residents (please excuse reflections; Christmas has landed in our household):

I have a couple of silver frames which don’t really go in my lounge, but I thought I would give a couple of birds an outing from the browser and spend some time framed as otherwise I tend to forget about them!

I must remember to sign my newer illustrations once I’ve scanned them in – you can tell which paintings are pre-logbook! I love my Feral Pigeon, and like the Kingfisher, I have used silver gouache in the detail to give a subtle shimmer which I think goes well with the frames. I like the silver for the pigeon as it’s slightly industrial, and the Kingfisher looks good in silver as it hints at the glinting surface of a pond or river.

Framed originals: £75 including P&P, or £50 wrapped and mounted.

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