Bird of the Day: Greenfinch

Greenfinches are one of our more common species, although they do suffer with a disease carried by parasites which contributed to a recent decline; keeping bird feeders clean and hygienic is really important especially if you are fortunate to get a lot of visitors to them.

They are a chunky finch, with a rather disapproving expression. Their hefty bill is used for hulling sunflowers and other seeds, but they do eat insects too. I don’t see many here where I am, but I was reading about them in my Lars Jonsson book as he has observed them extensively, and it was fascinating to read his insights in to the plumage and how it varies. I suppose we think that all birds look the same within their specifies but depending on age, wear and tear of the feathers, and how the light catches them will alter how we actually “see” them. Another reason I like the book as it shows the distribution of the bird in both the UK and Scandinavia which really helps to visualise where the birds range.

My greenfinch – as usual – is painted in gouache on 30cm square paper.

This chap is for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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