I am really enjoying the flying bird/Khadi paper/triptych paintings I have been doing. I visited my daughter in Newcastle recently and there is a large¬†kittiwake colony¬†in the city, and it was fantastic to see the birds being welcomed and protected despite the no-doubt negative impact (pardon pun!) of copious quantities of guano inflicted upon the … Continue reading Kittiwakes


I was speaking to a friend recently and we were discussing Gerard Manley Hopkins, and I was reminded of the term 'windhover', otherwise known as a kestrel. Such an apt term, and I wanted to paint one. I'm enjoying the flying birds as I don't especially like putting props in the paintings but many birds … Continue reading Kestrel

A Teal

I wanted to paint a teal in flight so as to maximise the flashes of - well, teal on the bird's face and secondary wing feathers. I do occasionally find that looking for a resource photo can be problematic, especially with birds that are regular quarry, either for us humans or other species. I'm not … Continue reading A Teal