I am really enjoying the flying bird/Khadi paper/triptych paintings I have been doing. I visited my daughter in Newcastle recently and there is a large kittiwake colony in the city, and it was fantastic to see the birds being welcomed and protected despite the no-doubt negative impact (pardon pun!) of copious quantities of guano inflicted upon the … Continue reading Kittiwakes


I was speaking to a friend recently and we were discussing Gerard Manley Hopkins, and I was reminded of the term 'windhover', otherwise known as a kestrel. Such an apt term, and I wanted to paint one. I'm enjoying the flying birds as I don't especially like putting props in the paintings but many birds … Continue reading Kestrel

A Teal

I wanted to paint a teal in flight so as to maximise the flashes of - well, teal on the bird's face and secondary wing feathers. I do occasionally find that looking for a resource photo can be problematic, especially with birds that are regular quarry, either for us humans or other species. I'm not … Continue reading A Teal


I have painted a goldfinch before but when I first started out with the birds, I hadn't formulated a set idea regarding size, paper, style etc, so although they look similar, I definitely regard these as my 'early birds'. Some are on branches or tree stumps, which I am less keen about, preferring the birds … Continue reading Goldfinch


I love shelducks, from their glossy green-black heads and bright red bills to their smart brown, black and white plumage. The ducklings look like little mint humbugs and are utterly adorable, even in the generally adorable world of ducklings. They are often found in coastal areas. Handpainted in gouache on 140lb blue-tinted Bockingford watercolour paper. 29cm square. … Continue reading Shelduck