A Busy Weekend

I have finally started organising all my business dealings in to one spot, namely Notion, and am listing my illustrations and sorting out my logbook resources. I have also redesigned my logo after watching THE trashiest film I’ve seen on Netflix for a while – which is saying something but the design studio – (where the quirky girl that nobody respects becomes the unlikely love interest of the grieving boss…don’t judge me) had a great logo and I thought hmm, I need to do something about mine. Before I went to bed I jotted down some ideas in my notebook, and woke up this morning excited to have a go at designing my own.

Adobe Illustrator isn’t my strong suit but I played around with a few things and after a great deal of cmd-Zing I came up with something I like.

I’m sure there are lots of brand managers that will be wincing at this, but the font is the same as the text in the book, and I didn’t want a regular circle in spite of the circles in the books. I’m quite pleased for a first attempt but I prefer the paler blue I have on my website banner so I need to get the number for that.

Regarding the information on Notion, I am collating all my illustrations so I know which book has which bird, and what format. I am also gathering together all the resources I have for each logbook so I can quickly access everything I have about a specific title should I need it: blogposts, photos, sales info etc.

I have also started a few other little side projects with the illustrations, for times when a logbook isn’t appropriate but information is required.


  1. Nice clean logo Jennifer! Interesting you chose Notion: what made you choose that rather than Excel for example? I am looking for something to catalogue my photos and where I have used them.

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