Daily Sketching

Hmm so my 12 Days Wild didn’t quite happen thanks to the weather, builders arriving, and my usual quandary of stacking up the relative benefits of setting off out in the car somewhere to enjoy some new places, and endeavouring to keep to my low-carbon birding credentials on track with staying on my local patch. It’s a tricky balance but I decided to shelve the Wildlife Trust’s initiative and focus on the work I have to do now that January is well and truly here, and try to improve my art practice. Daily sketching is such a good discipline, and somehow makes me feel more like an artist. I have so many sketchpads and half-used sketchbooks I thought I would work my way through the empty pages. I like sketching while I watch something on YouTube or Netflix, as it’s a bit like cafe sketching without the self-consciousness or surreptitiousness. I don’t normally choose to draw people but it’s wonderful to scribble away with a pencil, or – as in my 3rd January sketch – use up some excess gouache.

Here are my first 4 days of daily sketching:

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