Day 2: Watch the Birds

The weather has turned from cold and frosty to cold and rainy, so the bird table visitors in my garden are rather limited. I have found a great webcam based in Poland, so the birds are the same species to those we have here in Sussex, making it a more useful way to practise field sketching than with the Ithaca webcams, delightful as those birds are.

The webcam footage is not only good for drawing, but also understanding bird behaviour, making it easier to deduce what’s going on when out and about. For instance, I was watching this morning and the songbirds flew off the table, and a Blackbird sounded an alarm call. A few moments later a Buzzard landed at the table and apart from a few exploratory visits from Great Tits, was left to feed in peace. Seconds after it flew off, the table became a hive of activity again. These interactions are all part of watching birds and give clues to what is happening – and therefore what to expect when out on walks, or watching them on your feeders.

The Polish webcam seems to be a popular spot for roe deer too! It’s lovely to see them so close.

I used my Parker fountain pen with blue-black ink in a small square Moleskine sketchbook.


    1. yes indeed! As you know, it’s important to draw from life but that isn’t always possible, so this gives a more realistic viewpoint than photos 🙂

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