Day 1: Feed the Birds

My first day of 12 Days Wild is slightly hurried as Christmas Day is a family day for us, but I wanted to put this together in readiness for tomorrow. A while ago I got some bird feeder fat from our local biodynamic farm and had stuck it in the freezer. I also had a lovely pine cone which my lovely fella had spotted and picked up for me when he was out and about a few weeks ago, and the warmth in the house had caused it to open up – perfect. I’ve tied some string from my veg box on to it so I can hang in from the bird table but I will put it out in the morning as I have done this before with fat-laden bird food and the foxes just help themselves! My dog clearly thought it smelled extremely interesting. I will report back on which birds have a peck. I am assuming the tits will enjoy it but I’ll put some on the bird table too as we get thrushes, Blackbirds and Robins.

As it’s Christmas Day, I wanted to share some of the arty books I was given (that lovely fella again!) as they are the perfect gifts for me as I really struggle to get things that are outliers on my spectrum of interests. I love type and letters, and Brutalist architecture is something I find intriguing so these are going to be wonderful to browse through while I have a bit of a break this coming week. I particularly like the Typography Sketchbooks one…fascinating stuff.

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