I have had a few pieces of artwork framed recently, and I am really pleased with the results. They are now up on my walls in my new attic studio loft space room (still not sure what to call it!) and it’s lovely to see them finally looking how they should. Framing makes a tremendous difference and Fletcher Gallery Services in the City have done a fantastic job.

Firstly I have had a print of a beautiful ink-and-bleach print my friend Sam gave to me after one of our Ink Paper + Print events. I really love it as I used to have a field of oil seed rape behind my house and this reminds me of it. I have hung this one up behind my door as I like the idea of looking out:

The next one is my poster from a Letterpress workshop at New North Press that I did for my birthday, and I have put that above my Mac to keep me inspired!

The third is an abstract, rather sci-fi print that I bought at a slightly strange art fair at Herstmonceux Science Centre back in 2018. It’s by Mark Charlton and I loved the colours, and these sort of images make me look and look and look.

I have a slightly odd arrangement of artwork as they fit around my cat’s adventure playground! I have Charming Baker’s Man Falling the other side too, and need to put up And How Simple by Damien James, which I got after meeting him in Chicago. Having these pieces around me brings continuity and comfort, and I’m really pleased to have the new art on my walls.

I have a large amount of space in my stairway, as it’s a loft conversion, and I’m thinking of getting posters to put up in that space as they’ll be easier to dust, and won’t jut out across the stairs or get knocked off by anything or anyone. A trip to Tate Modern beckons…

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