Eastbourne Artists Open Houses Summary

This winter I joined Sam in her Open House for Christmas, as per my previous post. I thought I would do a little write-up in case anyone is interested in either joining in one themselves, or what’s involved with attending the event.

Open House events are great, and occur all across the country, although unlike the National Gardens Scheme, it’s organised locally rather than being part of a countrywide organisation. Therefore, getting your house on the map might take some digging and contacting local artists’ groups or galleries to see if they hold any open house events. Sam and I split the £70 fee between us and that gave us an advertising spot in the brochure (available at a number of different art venues in the town) and the opportunity to tag and share on social media.

Sam has a beautiful flat and although it may seem weird to wander in to someone’s house, it’s a really good chance to chat to the artists and see their work in situ. Some also do demonstrations, or have works in progress on display so it’s much nicer than a gallery, and more relaxed than an art fair. Also, from the artist’s perspective, we can curate our work how we feel shows it to best effect, and of course there is no commission to pay. As many galleries now take 35-50% of the sale price, it can take quite a hit on our revenue!

The first Sunday was really quiet – only a handful of people came along but the two Saturdays and the second Sunday were good, considering the financial climate and the weather. Sam sold a couple of prints and lots of her beautiful cards, and I sold about 25 logbooks and a few of my linocut prints and mini gouache paintings which I was selling at just £10 so that was really lovely. My handmade envelopes were popular too.

I have another chance to give the artwork and full range of logbooks an airing at the Wilderness Wood Christmas Fair on Saturday 10th December.

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