Eastbourne Artists 🎄Christmas🎄 Open Houses

Back in the summer I helped my friend and fellow artist Samantha Tuffnell with her Open House, and this Christmas we are joining up officially to co-host an event over the next two weekends (19th/20th and 26th/27th November) to show our wares. I am focussing on my logbooks but will take along my originals and prints in the browser as it’s been a long time since they had an outing. I’m just hoping my home improvements will have progressed sufficiently for me to find my buried art things to take along!

I have no idea what the footfall will be like but hopefully we will be blessed with some not-horrendous weather as it is always fun to do these events and great to meet the people who come along. If you are in the vicinity for either weekend we would love to see you, and it’s a great way to support artists and see the artwork curated how we want, rather than by a gallery. Seeing artwork in an artist’s home is such a privilege, and Sam’s ink-and-bleach landscapes always look great as they are genuinely an extension of her aesthetic when viewed in her house. My logbooks are a little less dependent on setting but it is great to see them all on display and chat to people about them.

I am wondering whether to do some little birds sketches to show people my process; people are always interested to have the background and again, that’s something you only really get at face-to-face events. I do need to do some practise in the meantime!

A copy of the programme is here.

I have an exciting project before then up in London, and that is happening on November 17th. I won’t say too much now but it is something very different to anything I have done before so I’m really looking forward to pursuing that opportunity.

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