Introducing Birds of the Seven Sisters

This is another logbook in my location-specific series, and it’s wonderful to have the chance to celebrate this iconic stretch of the Sussex coastline. I wanted it to complement the Birds of the South Downs title as they are likely to be used together, hence the only crossovers are Skylarks and Yellowhammers. I am going to do some more illustrations as I want to have them completely independent – plus it’s another excuse to paint!

They are available from the Visitor Centre at the Seven Sisters Country Park as well as other local outlets – see my Stockists page for more details – so take it out with you on a walk or bike ride, and jot down what you see and where.

You can also buy both my Sussex Downs copies below.

Sussex Downs Birdwatching Logbook Twin Pack

Birds of the South Downs and Birds of the Seven Sisters logbooks. Includes free postage in the UK.


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