Home-Education Art Class 3

We were back to drawing this week, using symmetrical sea creatures. I printed out some stock photos and cut them through the axis of symmetry and stuck them on to A3 paper, so the children could complete the animal by essentially drawing its mirror image. I chose a selection of simple and more complicated images so those who wanted more of a challenge could settle in, and invited them to create a scene in the background if they wished.

They all did really well, and as usual there was a diverse set of results. Most stuck with monochrome, using either pencil, graphite sticks or fineliner to complete their drawings, but we did have a Pride crab which livened up the proceedings somewhat.

Here are some work in progress photos:

At the end of the session we compared and contrasted the different images (including discussing the lack of symmetry from the start in some of the creatures) and talked about whether more or less detail was helpful in recreating the other half.

I then stuck them up on the doors as a display:

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