Home-Education Art Class 2

This week, I wanted to do more clay work but this time using air-drying clay. We used white clay and the pinch pot method to create a vessel of some sort and decorated it with terracotta clay. Air-drying clay has fibres in it to provide structure once the clay dries, and the children found it less robust for fine detail but much easier to work than the plasticine – possibly because both the fire and new heating system were making it beautifully warm in the barn. I put together a worksheet using images I grabbed off Etsy – many thanks to the makers!

We started with some sketched designs and then got stuck in to the moulding.

As usual, there was a great variety in the approach and execution of the activity, but all the children are so enthusiastic and supportive of each other, and very keen to experiment. Many of the creations were viewed, evaluated, and then remodelled and it’s fantastic to see them work through the issues with the clay and understand the properties of the material.

I chose this week to use the air-drying clay as it is now half term, so the children can paint or varnish their creations over the holiday if they so wish.

Wilderness Wood is busy all year round with activities and workshops for all ages and stages, and membership supports the working woodland and the continued good work of the Home Team. They also do great cakes and coffee and have beautiful walks through the wood. Check out their website here: https://www.wildernesswood.org


  1. Another hugely enjoyable-looking session. There is obviously a lot of creativity and confidence in that group. Encouraged and inspired by the Tutor, I imagine.

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