Home-Education Art Class 1

It was so lovely to be back at Wilderness Wood on a mild spring day, and great to see the children again, including a new attendee bringing the class size to 7. This term I am nodding in the direction of some – shh – National Curriculum work in case any of them want to formalise their art education but I am keeping a really light touch on this. The TES teaching resources give some great ideas and although they are not presented in a particularly relevant manner for me, they do show the kind of activities that 11-14 year olds could be tackling and that is useful.

I have 8 lessons to play with as we started a little later than planned due to me hurting my foot, and the kitchen in The Hatch being spectacularly revamped. I am focussing more on 3D with the children this term as I want them to learn to express themselves in a more measured manner, and using modelling clay requires a little more thought and structure.

I put together a worksheet using images I screen-grabbed from Etsy (thank you, DragonsFireCeramics) to show how a relief tile could look, and gave the children the modelling clay to warm up and get pliable.

I took along some plaster cast fossils from my geology days but the children were all very creative and worked entirely from their imagination. We started with a 5 minute warm-up of doodling, followed by some sketching out of ideas.

Once the clay was workable, they started moulding and manipulating, coaxing shapes and forms from the clay. We discussed afterwards what had gone well., and how they had found it having to ‘draw’ in three dimensions. As with their other art work, some worked methodically and in great detail; others more expansively with a wonderful sense of abandon.

At the end I went round and took photos of the tiles and their sketches, to see how they felt their initial drawings had helped or influenced.

I am so proud of them and how well they got stuck in. I had originally thought I would reuse the modelling clay but they have made such beautiful things I have bought more clay for my activity next week!


  1. What a fantastically interesting, varied and excellent set of tiles. The results certainly give the appearance of a hugely enjoyable, absorbing and productive session.

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